Foreclosure Fairness Act Mediation

A home is your castle and foreclosure shouldn’t rook you out of yours.Foreclosed Rook

In the beginning of 2011, our attorneys went to Olympia to help in the lobbying efforts to bring the Foreclosure Fairness Act into being.  The Act passed and has been evolving ever since.  Our attorneys have negotiated dozens of mortgages for modification, short-sale, and deed-in-lieu for homeowners through this new forum.  In addition to the extensive experience rendered in these mediations, our attorneys have been asked to be presenters to local bar associations on the foreclosure mediation process and are often consulted by attorneys around the state on how to interpret and apply the statute.

Since the changes that took place on June 7, 2012, this firm has had 100% offers of modification on the loans that it has negotiated for qualifying borrowers.  On the handful of borrowers that could not qualify, we have negotiated other alternatives that have provided excellent results despite the lack of modification.  If you have tried to modify your loan on your own and have gotten to the point of foreclosure, do not wait, call our offices and let us help.


After receipt of your Notice of Default (posted to your property) and up to 20 days after the Notice of Trustee’s Sale (posted to the property)  was recorded.

If we are within those time frames, a mediation can be requested and the bank’s collection action can be stalled while we negotiate an alternative to foreclosure.  You aren’t alone any longer, this process works, give us a call.

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